The sides of the roof panels must not be secured to the structure, in order to permit the free movement that causes the warping effect*.
The fixations must permit free dilation of the panel; never fit or secure roofs between walls.
The roofs must be installed with slopes of no less than 10%. In any case, it is highly advisable to seal the joints. The watertightness of the roofs has been tested in laboratory and it is guaranteed, providing that the installation has been carried out in agreement with these installation recommendations.

Never block the front outlets of the water evacuation channels on the roof panel.
It is also advisable to protect the inner core with finish profiles.
We absolutely advise against applying any paint or coating, as this could create tension on the roof panel surface, which would cause it to become detached. This would give rise to the void of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Andaragón S.L. guarantees its roof panels against any manufacturing defect. It also guarantees their watertightness, providing that they have been installed correctly and in agreement with these installation recommendations.
All those roof panels that have been used in situations that they were not designed for are excluded from this warranty.
Once installed, immediately remove the protective film from the roof panels.



The warping effect occurs when the roof panels are exposed to different temperatures on either side, causing them to dilate in a different manner and giving rise to the elongation of the aluminium sheet. This causes the panel to curve and if the installation has not been studied correctly, this could lead to some of fastenings being pulled out. This warping effect is the reason why it is not recommended to fit the roof panels between walls.