The LAMITEC THERMAL ROOF differs from other existing traditional systems due to its EXCLUSIVE assembly SYSTEM with aluminium profile, and thermal break, protected by a UTILITY MODEL, which makes it unique on the market. It also combines the following advantages:


  1. Dual assembly system via extruded ALUMINIUM profile WITH THERMAL BREAK, inserted into the panel, in the form of a double wedge, achieving self-centring in the panel connection, which is a weak point of existing systems. Guaranteed support capacity of up to 7 metres long in 52 mm thick, which permits closures without pillars, in diaphanous spaces.
  1. The connecting profile has several drainage channels on the inside, making it impossible for water to seep through. Its system with THERMAL BREAK avoids condensations.
  1. It does not require auxiliary profiles to connect the panels.
  1. The panel installation is reversible in RAL 9010 finish.